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Posted By Nico

If you have problems with the bot, and it no longer works as you want, then you can use the following commands to delete and reinstall parts of the bot system.

Please open the Webinterface and log in as admin.
Then it should look like in the address line:
http://IP:PORT/index.htm  (IP or DNS name)

The following commands are like executed so:

Here is the list of available commands:
remove1  Reinstall client (without the identity being gone)
r...........2  Do not run! See below*
remove3  Bot system files
remove4  Reset TS3 Client Config
remove5  Portable environment
remove6  Delete TS3 Client Identity
remove7  Delete Imported Identity
remove8  Delete Meta Database
removelogfiles  Deletes All Log Files (No Restart Required)

After that, restart the bot normally via the webinterface or by command:

When restarting, the bot retrieves all the required packages and installs them.

remove2  This is the webinterface. This should not be deleted! After that, the bot can no longer be controlled via the webinterface (even the commands!). If you have the possibility to restart the bot via a webinterface from the hoster or have the necessary rights to restart yourself, you can also execute this command (at the end).

Then via console or via the webinterface of the hoster Restart.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone