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-helpPrints a list with all available arguments.
 -account your account registered at ts3musicbot.net or the license
 -port optional, default port is 8080. Access over http://yourServer:8080
 -webif-pw secure your webinterface with an admin password (full access)
 -webif-pw-user webinterface password for users (can only control and upload files, no access to settings)
 -noquery Start the TS3MusicBot without server query (webinterface control only)
 -number Only for Private license, with this you can set witch Configuration load the Bot. (Available Parameters: 1, 2 or 3)
 -client-name Forces the ts3 client to use that name. The config value for the client name will be ignored
 -connect-over-public-ip With this option you can bind the webinterface to a specific ip in your network. Useful for hosters with multiple ip addresses
 -bind-ip With this option you can bind the webinterface and the query connection to a specific ip in your network. Useful for hosters with multiple ip addresses
 -max-disk-space Set the maximum allowed amount of disk space to use in megabyte for music+radio folder
 -secretkey -secretkey To use with the hoster API. If you start the bot with a hoster secret key from your account panel the license get automatically extended day by day if enough money is charged in your account balance
 -disable-ytdl This flag disables the "youtube to mp3" functionality (if the conversation needs too much cpu, disable this feature)

 Set the directory of clibs files (default /tmp/)

 -beta if you want to test our pre-version
Disables all dynamic youtube proxy functionalities.
This forces the running mode to be only allowed to be a "server bridge" or a "server bridge hub". MusicBot mode is completely disabled.
Forces ServerBridge mode, this disables the music mode.
Forces ServerBridgeHub mode, this disables the music mode.
Forces target bridge token to connect to. Eg.: '-force-bridge TOKENHERE'.
Reset bot settings on cold start for the configuration number it started or if set the configuration number of -number.
Allows everyone to use admin chat commands. It overwrites the permissions in settings.
Force to use the identity file from a given path. Usage: -identity PATH
Force default text channel id which overwrites discord text channel from settings.
Force join channel id which overwrites teamspeak/discord join channel from settings.
Force disables clickable chat urls feature. Overwrites bot setting. Useful if bot runs in container with random public ports and no port closed error should popup.
Resets the unique seed on bot start. Needed for webinterface login cookie creation. Logged in users will get logged out if the bot restarts and this flag is set.
Binds the listening streaming TCP port for soundstream eg. '-streaming-port 9000'.
Set a different client library directory. Default is /tmp/
Hides the package check warnings for outdated systems in notportable mode.
-web-log-dir /folder/for/log/
With this flag you can enable and set the directory where the webinterface access logs will be saved.
Set a filepath to create a pid for the java process.
The webinterface password with admin rights encrypted in base64 to support special characters.
The webinterface password with user rights (control/upload only) encrypted in base64 to support special characters.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone