Add User-Identity (Unique-ID) [EN] 0 0

Posted By Nico

If you will use Commans at Teamspeak you must Save your UID in the Settings from the Bot.

1. Use an Command e.g.: !radio
then you become this Message:

"MusicBot": You are not my master! Please add the following identity to the TS3MusicBot settings to get admin or user rights: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

At the end this is your UID. Please copy this.

2. Open the Webinterface and Login as Admin! (Only as admin you have Settings!)

Go to Settings ==> TS3MusicBot Settings

And under Admin identities paste your UID.
Under User identites you can paste UID's from your Friends. (Users have limited permissions)

Note: You can paste a * under User or Admin identities. Whenn you Save a * All Clients on your Server have the Right.

2.1 Over Servergroups (Query Mode Only!)
You can set one or more Servergroups under Admin or User group ID. Cients in this Servergroups have then the Rights.

3. Save all settings.
The Bot restarts.

4. Now you can Use Commands.

** The time is base on America/New_York timezone